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20th February 1961                       The establishment of the Eparchy of Adigrat:
Abune Hailemariam Kahsay first Eparch.
19th April 1969                    Consecration of the cathedral of the Holy Saviour,
11th October 1970              Opening of the newly built Major Seminary, Adigrat.
25th November 1970          Abune Hailemariam Kahsay died.
19th September 1971         Consecration of Abune Sebhat-Leab Worku.
26th October 1975              Canonization of St. Justin de Jacobis, C.M.
12th October 1983              Major Seminary affiliated to the Pontifical "Urbaniana"
University, Rome.
11th November 1984          Abune Sebhat-Leab Worku resigned.
10th February 1985            Consecration of Abune Kidanemariam Teklehaimanot  28th January 1991                        Abune Sebhat-Leab Worku died.
11th November 2001          Abune Kidanemariam Teklehaimanot resigned.
20th January 2002             Consecration of Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin.
4th December 2004             Inauguration of "Tsenseta Senior Secondary School's"          
building at its new site, Adigrat. 
11th October 2008               Assabol Dam officially Inaugurated.






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